EKC 2021 cancelled


Dear Kubb friends,

we hope this message finds you all well and healthy.

Almost a year ago we had to cancel the EKC‘20 and sadly the situation has not improved very much since then. Kubb in Europe and around the world is facing a very difficult situation yet again, especially for big tournaments like the EKC which require months of preparation and planning. And exactly this isn‘t possible at the moment. Essential partners for the EKC in Wismar, such as the City Council and partner companies, are facing bigger problems currently and due to the uncertain situation they can‘t support us as much as they would like to.

Therefore we — the EKA and the Organisation committee of the next EKC from Germany — see no other solution than cancelling this year’s EKC yet again. This decision has been very tough for us. We would love to see you all again this summer but we wanted to inform you all as soon as possible about this.

The tournament in Wismar gets postponed by a year again and will take place on the first weekend of July 2022. All registrations from 2020 for the 1vs1 EKC will be kept for the 2022 version of the tournament.

For this year we are having an eye on the situation and will inform you if there will be another event as a substitute for this years EKC.

We are very sorry to tell you these bad news once again and hope we‘ll see each other very soon on the kubb fields. Until then stay healthy and watch out for yourself and your loved ones!

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