About EKA

The European Kubb Association

In 2017 the three national Kubb associations of the Kubb paradises Belgium, Germany and Switzerland  founded the EKA – European Kubb Association. An important first step to make the international communication and Kubb more professional!

Name &


The name should be representative for the European Kubb community and the federations of Europe. Therefore the name European Kubb Association was chosen.


The EKA consists of representatives from each of the following countries: Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

These countries have been chosen because of the existing national associations and a well-structured Kubb community. The members are co-equal. The national associations are responsible for the selection of the representatives.

Starting with 2019, other countries will be able to apply for a membership. Basic prerequisite are clear responsibilities managed by an official national Kubb association.

Purpose & tasks

Our main target is the promotion of the sport Kubb and the communication between the active Kubb nations of Europe. According entirely to the motto “Kubb unites people”, the EKA wants to enable a fair and emancipated communication and cooperation between the Kubb associations of all European Kubb nations.

Another main motivation is the realization of the annually held European Kubb Championships, whose hosting country rotates every year.

With your cooperation and the force of more European Kubb nations, this is just the beginning! We are already dreaming of more international events, that will be unique in the history of Kubb.


The current board members of the Eka

Supported by

the national Kubb associations of Belgium, Germany and Switzerland